Ideen für den Herbst

Series of 5 banners for public space

Guilty Pleasure
Josef Boys 2k20
Media Performance

Build to perform

Time dependent images

AINEX is a collaborative artwork and independent artist run platform by Xenia Lesniewski to work on her relationship between art and finance.


Artistcollective consisting of Xenia Lesniewski, Nana Mandl and Sarah Sternat

Selected Installation views

Gigi Scherniko

Fictional character with collaborative works

Toni Badrutt

Fictional character with collaborative works

Single works
Selected Paintings and Drawings


Movin Images
Selected Works


Selected Publications

Julia Rublow & Xenia Lesniewski are Music. Vastness. Intraocular sand. Palace.


Sara Glaxia, Selma Klima, Xenia Lesniewski, Crystin Moritz and Julia Rublow fleeing forward through unfinished and uncertain desire.

Happiness Coaching



Edition Furor published limited editions, progressive book objects, artist books as well as multiples and monographs from 2012 - 2019.


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